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Low-Cost, High Precision, Haptic Robots for the Masses.

Currently robotic manufacturing gravitates toward two poles: high-cost, complex specialized systems; or low-cost, low-performance systems. Haddington Dynamics was created to empower a growing user/community base with robotic solutions that simultaneously break cost and performance barriers. The company accelerates adoption and collaboration by open-sourcing its core technology.

DEXTER (HD) reconfigurable robot has a 3kg payload capacity, a 1.4m spherical open work envelope.  Its precision of 0.03mm repeatability independent of load (Load Adaptive Repeatability) also makes HD extraordinary.

Endless Applications

Haddington Dynamics was created to provide an ultra precise FPGA motion control platform for robotics, 3D printing and automation that simultaneously breaks cost and performance barriers. With our experienced, successful leadership team in place, Haddington Dynamics is poised to continually expand the leading edge of technological advancements in these industries.

open source

We’re not just trying to “disrupt” an industry through a better, cheaper product. Our goal is to revolutionize society by making the fruits of the Robotics Revolution available to everyone. This is why Dexter is open source: hardware, firmware, and software. We want YOU to join us! 

 Breakthrough Computing

The 200KHz FPGA control system,  enables unprecedented computational performance  for advanced control algorithms, vision, neural networks, and digital signal processing (DSP),  enabling bio-mimicry and humanlike behaviors.  The compact nature of this control system “the brain” fits on the robot and is the size of a cell phone.