Dexter HD Technical Specs

Haddington Dynamics designed Dexter as a low-cost, 3D printed high-performance, high-precision, haptic robot.

The FPGA control system,  enables unprecedented computational performance  for advanced control algorithms, vision, neural networks, and digital signal processing (DSP),  enabling bio-mimicry and humanlike behaviors.  The compact nature of this control system “the brain” fits on the robot and is the size of a cell phone.

Key Features

Parrallel Processsing(FPGA)

  • 100 GFlops under 5 watts

  • Enables sophisticated robot control algorithms

  • Distributed computing across multiple robots

Remote control

  • Connected robots share position and force information

  • Position and Force information can be transmitted, scaled, and mined

  • In the loop, On the loop, Out of loop, Big Data Roadmap

3-D Printed

  • Production grows with demand, no large CapEx

  • Complete supply chain control

  • Mass customization

Optical Encoder

  • 1 arc second resolution measured at each point of rotation

  • Unique fingerprint of each slit corresponds to absolute position

  • 2 million measurements/sec across entire robot

Force Sensitivity

  • Arc second resolution enables high dynamic range of force detection

  • Ultra precise & high dynamic range (0.5g-3kg) force sensitivity

  • Feel and localize contact anywhere on the robot

Load adaptive repeatability

  • Guaranteed path repeatability independent of load

  • Even with component wear – repeatability is maintained

  • Same program can be used on different robots


  • Ultra sensitive control inputs enables dexterous programing by example

  • Complete JavaScript Development Environment

  • API is exposed as a socket server.  Use any language