Everything is Open Source.

open source

We’re not just trying to “disrupt” an industry through a better, cheaper product. Our goal is to revolutionize society by making the fruits of the Robotics Revolution available to everyone. This is why Dexter is open source: hardware, firmware, and software. We want YOU to join us! 


Endless applications

Thanks to its supercomputer brain and force-feedback, Dexter is able
to achieve 50micron repeatability
and a featherlight touch, loaded or unloaded. This makes Dexter ideal for applications including: CNC, Pick and Place, 3D Printing, Painting, Gluing, and many more. 



Breakthrough Computing

The result of years of development by the father of hypercomputing, Dexter is the perfect platform to demonstrate the power and promise of FPGAs. The HD HiQ module is the size of a cell phone and runs a real time Physics Engine, Real Time Kinematics, and operates at 276 GMACS.