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Low-Cost, High Precision, Haptic Robots for the Masses.

Currently robotic manufacturing gravitates toward two poles: high-cost, complex specialized systems; or low-cost, low-performance systems. Haddington Dynamics was created to empower a growing user/community base with robotic solutions that simultaneously break cost and performance barriers. The company accelerates adoption and collaboration by open-sourcing its core technology.

DEXTER (HD) reconfigurable robot has a 3kg payload capacity, a 1.4m spherical open work envelope.  Its precision of 0.03mm repeatability independent of load (Load Adaptive Repeatability) also makes HD extraordinary.

open source

We’re not just trying to “disrupt” an industry through a better, cheaper product. Our goal is to revolutionize society by making the fruits of the Robotics Revolution available to everyone. This is why Dexter is open source: hardware, firmware, and software. We want YOU to join us! 

Endless applications

Paramount uniqueness is derived from our HD TruTouch technology, which is created using optical measurement, millions of times a second, to achieve total sensory awareness. This haptic interface allows the robot to interact with high resolution force and sensitivity. Ultra-light material used on robot achieves a weight at 6kg

 Breakthrough Computing

The FPGA control system,  enables unprecedented computational performance  for advanced control algorithms, vision, neural networks, and digital signal processing (DSP),  enabling bio-mimicry and humanlike behaviors.  The compact nature of this control system “the brain” fits on the robot and is the size of a cell phone.