Webinars are presented every Tuesday and Thursday.  The topics will range from exploring Dexter Development Environment (DDE) to step by step tutorials on the assembly process.

We will are preparing for New York Maker Faire and our week with NYIT.  There will be no webinars until we return the first week of October.  We are hoping to provide some video content from our trip and we will post it here.

The meeting code is zoom.us/j/740259389

Webinar August 15, 2017:  Intro to DDE

Webinar August 16, 2017: Base Build

Webinar August 24, 2017: Pivot Build

Webinar August 29, 2017: DDE: Making Jobs

Webinar August 31, 2017: Arm Body Build

Webinar September 5, 2017:  DDE:  Human Instructions

Webinar September 7, 2017: End Arm Hub Build

Webinar September 12, 2017: DDE: Think Like a Computer

Webinar September 14, 2017: External Gear Build (Partial)