Meet The Team


Haddington Dynamics is led by a team of seasoned professionals all motivated by the same vision: changing the world through robotics.





Richard Fu brings more than two decades of successful investment and financial services leadership to his role as Haddington Dynamics’ chief executive. During his career, Richard has taken on progressively greater levels of influence and responsibility. At TD Bank Financial Group in Canada, he directed the company's development of brokerage and management business in the Asia Pacific region. His successes in led to his transfer to the company TD Waterhouse U.S. headquarter, where he oversaw the firm's entire portfolio of Asia Pacific brokerage services. He also led the firm's preparation for a successful IPO through the NYSE, leading to his promotion as head of worldwide sales and services. After successfully leading the development of E*Trade Financial's Asia Pacific division, Richard expanded his skill and influence as senior corporate director at Harrah's (now Caesars Entertainment Corp.), developing and implementing the company's expanding multicultural strategy, capital investments, integration and marketing. His exceptional work at Harrah's was recognized with the National Asian Pacific American Corporate Achievement award. Recognizing that robotics is poised to dramatically increase its global impact, in 2015 Richard now brings his expertise and credibility to Haddington Dynamics.   




Kent Gilson is a prolific inventor, serial entrepreneur and pioneer in reconfigurable computing (RC). After programming his first computer game at age 12, Kent has launched eight entrepreneurial ventures, won multiple awards for his innovations, and created products and applications used in numerous industries across the globe. His reconfigurable recording studio, Digital Wings, won Best of Show at the National Association of Music Merchants and received the Xilinx Best Consumer Reconfigurable Computing Product Award. Kent is also the creator of Viva, an object-oriented programming language and operating environment that for the first time harnessed the power of field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) into general-purpose supercomputing. With Haddington Dynamics and Dexter, Kent brings his globally unique expertise in reconfigurable computing to his passion of robotics, with a commitment to make robots more powerful and empowering than ever for their human users.

Todd B. Enerson

Chief Operation Officer

Todd Enerson comes to Haddington Dynamics with more than two decades of high-level experience in sales, business development and science. After earning his BS in biochem from Wisconsin=Madison, Todd began his career as research chemist at the Desert Research Institute Dating Laboratory under Dr. Herbert Haas. As a PhD candidate in environmental chemistry, he was the lead author of a peer-reviewed scientific paper, and presented his work at the 16th International Radiocarbon Conference. Driven by a desire to use his knowledge and personality in sales, Todd became director of marketing and sales at America Toxicology Institute. Later he launched a scientific recruitment firm, bringing top talent to the leadership of organizations across the U.S., from high-growth startups to established multi-billion-dollar banks. Todd's rigorous science background and his success in sales, business development and recruitment align perfectly in helping Haddington expand the frontiers of reconfigurable computing and robotics.




Gary Kochis has 37 years of design and engineering experience. At age 16 he built his first 8-bit computer utilizing the 8008 Intel processor. Before graduating from the University of Akron in engineering with minors in mathematics and computer science, Gary started his professional at Goodyear Aerospace working on many defense related programs and obtained a secret clearance.  Career culminated as the guidance officer for the VLA program participating in launch operation at White Sands New-Mexico. In 1996 he started Vertra Research which became North Coast Aerospace, specializing in small portable GPS based computers.  Other projects included collaboration with Carnegie Mellon University for DARPA.  After Vertra / North Coast Gary became the CTO for Mizar Technologies, which leveraged his experience in rapid product development. Work at Mizar & Vertra was transitioned into Argo Tracker which developed GPS tracking technology for real time data collection and display.  Pioneering work done with piezo’s to re-charge battery systems that allowed life greater than 1 year on a single initial charge. Next followed FPGA work for Raytheon Tucson which was extremely advanced configurations for system and implementation.   Ultimately Gary brings the excitement, a diverse experience base, structure and discipline to develop reconfigurable robotics


Christopher Fry "FRY'

Dexter Development Environment creator

Programming language designer and development environment implementer in and around MIT since 1980.


Hampden Kuhns

Chief Technology Officer

an entrepreneur, Founder of LoadIQ intelligence for energy efficiency, and a Ph.D. in Engineering from Carniege Mellon University.


James Wigglesworth

Graduate student working at UMass Lowell’s Printed Electronics Research Collaborative