About Haddington Dynamics

Haddington Dynamics is an advanced research and development company applying the most advanced  reconfigurable supercomputing technology to focus on low-cost, ultra precision motion control for robotics. To cut costs while increasing functionality, modern manufacturing is becoming increasingly automated. This presents problems of keeping the cost of the automated equipment down while improving on its precision and flexibility. Making accurate, fast hardware is only half of the story. To get really precise, rapid feedback between vision and touch sensors is necessary. Furthermore, this feedback must be instantly applied to recomputing real-time motion control. This taxes conventional software architecture, its customization and its user interface.  Haddington Dynamics is uniquely qualified to address these challenges. Our expertise in programming FPGAs gives us supercomputer performance without supercomputer costs.

Currently robotic manufacturing gravitates toward two poles: high-cost, complex specialized systems; or low-cost, low-performance systems. Haddington Dynamics was created to empower a growing user/community base with robotic solutions that simultaneously break cost and performance barriers. The company accelerates adoption and collaboration by open-sourcing its core technology.

Meet Dexter

To realize this vision, Haddington Dynamics has developed a FPGA supercomputing framework (HD HiQ™) and accompanying software designed for ultra-precision robotic motion control applications. The current technology demonstration platform—Dexter—consists of a small, 5-axis serial-linked robot arm with an onboard, cellphone-size HD HiQ™ module operating at 276GMACS.  The HD HiQ™ core processes 2 million measurements per second, enabling 159 nanometer resolution, current repeatability of <50 micron with a working solution to achieve <20 micron , and real-time force feedback (HD Trutouch™). The processing speed and resolution, combined with Haddington Dynamics' proprietary Digital Compliance™ algorithm, make the robot intrinsically human-safe and capable of manual training.

Two key advantages of the HD HiQ™ technology over existing solutions are reconfigurability and ease of use. Existing robotic motion control schemes are custom-created for a particular application and require specialists to implement. The HD HiQ™ system is able to reprogram itself on the fly in response to changing conditions and any task operator can implement system setup and training—advanced programming options are available through a high-level API and allow any skilled Software Engineer to create a manufacturing or assembly system.

The Dexter platform is suitable for applications including Direct Digital Manufacturing with heterogeneous materials, 3D Printing, PCBA, subtractive manufacturing, material handling, and metrology. Addition of vision sensors allows for 3D Scanning, human interactivity, and automated inspection and QC. The platform has built-in machine to machine communication, making it ideal for collaborative tasks.  The overall design is to forever change how humans use and interact with robots.

High-Level Leadership

The Haddington Dynamics founding leadership team is made up of prominent, highly respected professionals with multifaceted expertise and influence.

The Dexter platform was developed by founder Kent Gilson, a renowned inventor, serial entrepreneur and global pioneer in FPGA-based reconfigurable computing.  Founder, president and CEO Richard Fu is a prominent leader in global investment banking and financial services, with a strong track record of establishing successful global business organizations, product and service offerings. Founder and COO Todd Enerson is a multifaceted business development and operations leader with a strong, sound scientific background, who has achieved success in high-level professional recruitment, sales, marketing and strategic partnerships.

With this experienced, successful leadership team in place, Haddington Dynamics is poised to continually expand the leading edge of robotics, and help realize the long-awaited vision of universal global adoption. .

Haddington Dynamics Leadership Team Bios